What Is Database Management System ?


Database Management System(DBMS) 

Before learn DBMS, please ask a question to yourself that what is the database? if you don't know, don't worry, in this tutorial you will learn from basic to deep points of database management system. Now, Let's start 

What is Database?

A database is a group of the same records. or we can say a database is a collection of related databases. A database used in a special organization as a part of secondary storage devices. And the group of the same related record is called a data file. 

What is Database Management System?

Database management System is a software package, Its design to define, manipulate, and retrieve and manage data in a database. A database generally manipulated the data itself and the data format or we can say in a single line that a software that is used to manage the database is called Database Management System. 

Examples of DBMS:-

      SQL Lite 
      Microsoft Access Server

Advantages of Database Management System:-
  • The main benefits of the database, Its ability to handle huge volumes of data and multiple concurrent users and unlike file systems. A Database Management System maintains data integrity, consistency, and security system performance.
  • DBMS abstracts the data to the users, which is not useful for the users, it shows only those data which are useful to the users.
  • Database provides data security and protecting your precious data from unauthorized access.
  • A database can be accessed only by proper authentication usually by verifying login and password.
Disadvantages of Databases:-
  • When a computer file-based system is replaced with a database system, then the data stored in data files must be converted into database files.
  • It is the difficult and time-consuming method to convert the data of data files into database
  • DBMS are often complex systems, so the training is required for the users to use the DBMS.
  • The organization has to be paid plenty of amount for the training of workers to run the database management system.

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