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Nowadays Full Stack Developer is one of the hottest job positions in the IT field. Many companies like startup and big product companies want a good full stack developer So here we created some topics for become a full stack developer.

What is a full-stack development? 

A programmer who has skilled in coding and both the frontend and backend pf a web application is called a full stack developer. Now you are thinking that what is front-end development. The frontend development is a part of the web application that the user sees and interacts with user interference. And the backend development is a part of a web application that functions behind the scenes and executes the commands and processing by the user. A full-stack developer has knowledge about all backend and frontend components So a full stack developer is not expected to be an expert in all fields. Now If you are ready to become a full-stack developer then follow these few simple steps in your career. Step 1: Learn some important programming languages A full-stack developer need to know these some technologies: 


The web pages of a website built on theses technologies, firstly HTML is a hypertext markup language that allows us to develop input content into a website and CSS is a Cascading style sheet that allows us to design an interactive web application for users. So both tools are very important for a full stack developer

2. JavaScript

javascript is a client-side scripting programing language it is used for creating web pages and it is a standalone language developed inn Netscape. It is used for developing dynamic webpages and special effects on the page like rollover out and many types of graphics. 

3. Back-end Technologies  

Now if you are a master in front-end designing then you should learn anyone backend programming language like Java Spring framework, python ruby on rail etc. its depend on you.
Then learn a backend server framework like Django if you master in Python or PHP, node js 

4. Brush Up your Knowledge 

After learn these all technologies, Brush up your knowledge with all tech technologies and keep practicing daily and also make side by side projects as a beginner level. You can also build your own projects after learning these all technology stack.

5. Take a Course 

You can take a course if you are unable to learn in details you can enroll in top education website -
  • Udemy
  • Codeacademy
  • Udacity

In the last I will say that a full stack developer makes more money if he has strong skills set in this file, Nowadays every company wants a full stack developer so keep practicing daily.

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