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Are you looking for the best text editors for coding purposes? Don’t worry, we’ll help you to find your best and suitable text editor for general-purpose programming. Here we have created a list of the best text editor for coding. So if you are a student of coding freak then this list is for you.

If you want to stay out of this problem then you have to use advanced text editors which are specially designed for coding/programming purposes. This software provides more and advanced features to code a program. If you use any advanced text editor then you have no need to care about the symmetric error or syntax error. Some advanced text editors provide auto-completion feature for auto-complete your code line. 

There are lots of advanced text editors available in the market. But here we are recommending only 5 but best text editors for coding. 

1. Visual Studio Code

I put is in the first position. Because the VS Code is the best text editor for coding. It is an open-source application software developed by the top IT company named Microsoft. I personally used it. In it, you can code in any programming language. There are lots of extensions for different work. You can use what you need for your work. I’m also using it for the last 3 years.

Now comes on its design. It is a colorful text editor which feel cool to work. And best part of its design is you can also customize its themes design, layout, font, and color according to you. It is available for all operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS at free of cost. You can download it from the internet. Link is given below.

Download from here: Download 

2. Sublime Text

Now next is Sublime Text 3. It is a lightweight advanced text editing software for coding. It is also an extension-based text editor just like VS Code. It is free and open-source software. In it, there are all features of VS code at low memory space. If you like to do work smoothly then you have to try it. It will definitely help you.

Download from here: Download 

3. Atom

Coders Geek

Now we have to talk about Atom Text Editor and it is an open-source text editor. Atom is not just text editor although it provides us everything which we would expect like cross-platform editing, built-in package manager, smart auto-completion, multiple panes, and others. If you use it, then no need to worry. It will handle all things. There are lots of built-in libraries available here. And also, you can with Gits and GitHub directly from Atom.

Now comes on its design. It is user-friendly software. But if you don’t like its default design so don’t worry. You can customize its design according to you. There are many customization is available here.

Download from here: Download

4. Brackets

This is the first text editor which I used as my first advanced text editor. It is lightweight, yet powerful and modern text editing software. There are many and advance features available here like VS code and atom. It is also an open-source and free text editor.  You can customize its designs according to your taste. It is also an extension-based project. You can get an online editor, live preview, and pre-processor support here. I can say it is the best text editing software for web designers and front-end developers.

Downlod from here: Download

5. Notepad++

If we are talking about best text editors for coding, we can’t forget this software. Most of the coders used Notepad++ for their work and mostly 80% coding students used it as their first advance text editor for coding. It is a simple, open-source, and free text editor. And it is very good for front end developers and web designers. Here you can code in any programming language and you can also use it like a simple text editor. 

Download From Here: Download   

Uses of Notepad/Notepad++ in Coding

I have to say that the Notepad is the world’s best text editor because here you have to write your code without any advanced features like spelling check-up, code auto-completion and etc. Here you have to write you program on only your responsibility. You can’t see any error in your program before compiling it.

Where does Notepad Fail?

See we can also use Notepad for coding, this is only a text editor. It can’t help you to find an error in your code and also if you are going to write a large number of lines in your code, then maybe your code will be a mess.


This is all about the best text editors for coding. Hope you guys like these text editors. We have done lots of researches on this list. I personally use some of these options. And this is my experience with them. 

If you really like this article please give us your valuable comment in the comment box. And if I missed anything so please tell us what I missed. It will be very helpful and valuable for us. 

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