Write HTML Code To Display Welcome To Exam Hall Having Font Size 36 Font Color As Green


You also has been know that why HTML is the most important part of web development. So here we have created a small program that will display a ''Welcome To Eaml Hall'' text with green color. If you are a College student and you have given a task like that then this post will help you a lot in your college life.

So in the first step, you need to know why HTML and CSS are important? And after that, we will develop a simple page using HTML and CSS.

1. What is HTML and why it's important?

If I say to you tath developed a basic webpage who print Hello World then what will you do? Now if you have knowledge about HTML then you can develop any webpage.

HTML is a markup language it helps to developed and create webpages, So if you want to develop a brand new website then you can do with the help of HTML, it was written by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 1993 but now we have many new versions of HTML. And the full form fo HTML is HyperText Markup Language which means it is a standard markup language for developing web pages. You have been shown many browsers that all front-end UI structures are written in HTML. Now you can guess why it is important for a student or full-stack, web developer.

2. What is CSS and why it's important?

The full form of CSS is Cascading Style Sheet. It is written by HÃ¥kon Wium Lie Bert Bos in 1996, CSS is a part of the front-end if you want to develop a web page then you can develop an essay using HTML but if you want to make colorful or stylish your webpage then you need to use CSS in your webpage. It helps you to design a stylish,  colorful webpage and you can develop a good layout for your webpages if you know CSS.

There are 3 types of using CSS in webpage one is Inline CSS that you can use in your HTML element code and the second is internal that allows you to use in your head tag that is written in your HTML code. And the third method of using CSS is external. In the external method, you needed to create a style.css file and link this file in your HTML code between the head, using the style sheet link tag.

Now we will develop a small webpage that will display Welcome To Exam Hall. here we will use 36 font size and green color but you can use your own color,  font size it's your choice.

1. Using Inline CSS

In Inline CSS You have seen that the code is written in html tag, So if you want to write your code then you can use this method.

2. Internal CSS

3. External CSS

If you want to use external css then ad this link tag in your html code and save a file using style.css, save it in your same folder where is .html file saved


<!DOCTYPE html>



<title>Welcome Message for Exam Hall</title>

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css">



<h1>Welcome To Exam Hall</h1>



CSS Code:-


color: green;




We hope you got valuable information about HTMl and CSS, if you have any problem regarding this tutorial  or any other technical issue related to this article then please write your problem in comment box we definitely solve your problem.

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