Make Your Ubuntu Desktop Look Like macOS Mojave


Hey, in this tutorial we are going to discuss about how to make your ubuntu look like macOS Mojave. So if you like the macOS theme interface then this tutorial for you.

First of all, you need to install the macOS Mojave theme zip file in your ubuntu-desktop then you need to extract it in your directory as given below, So just follow some these steps

Step 1:

If you got the link of the macOS Mojave theme then you will see a gnome extension website interface then you need to click on the Download button which is your upper right corner and just choose your favorite variant like solid dark or light then your will be download automatically. 


Now, I hope you have the same(Mojave-light-alt.tar.xz) file in your Download folder. Now it's time to extract this file in your Download for by using right-click mouse or touchpad button on file then you will see an option extract here. Now click on it and extract your file.

Now, click your extracted folder and copy it and go your Home directory, and if you have to see the hidden folder are shown and click on the .theme folder and paste your Mojave theme folder on it. if you did not see any your hidden folder then you need to just press key (CRTL+H) and you will reveal your all hidden folder then click on your .theme folder and paste your Mojave file in it.


Finally its time to change the theme, So open your tweak tool if you have not installed it then I will suggest you that install it 

$ sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool


Now, open your tweak tool and make some changes like in this given picture, click on Appearance and select your downloaded theme name and now will get some changes in your ubuntu-desktop UI.


And if you want to change your icon like macOS Mojave then you need to install it in your system

Here, you will get github page, and you will all documentation of it but you need to click only on the source code and install it on your system. 


Now, you will get the icon zip file and extract this in your -/home/.icon directory and now again open your tweak-tool and click on appearances and change icon.
Finally, I hope you will get all changes like macOS UI. 

Final Verdict

These given stuffs are only for fun and individual choice we are not promoting and hacking or any other offensive stuffs here. And if you have any queries or you have faced some issues regarding this tutorial then let me now definitely I will help you. 


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