KDE Announce To Final Release KDE Plasma 5.20 on October 13


Finally, KDE announce to release KDE plasma 5.20 on Oct. So if you are a KDE interface fan then this is good news for you.

After several months of development, the KDE development team managed and added some specific new features and improvements.  So this is a massive release it'll now and it's looking with new UI and icon-only task manager hats come with a lot of changes. Now It also has a slightly thicker default panel, redesigned OSDs for brightness and volume, improvement to digital clock applet, new default shortcut for moving and resizing windows (Meta+drag). Many smaller, yet important changes were made around the KRunner launcher, which now runs in a standalone, free-floating window. But KDE Plasma 5.20 brings lots of other enhancements to many parts of the desktop environment to make your experience better and more enjoyable. Wayland support continues to be improved with each new Plasma release, and version 5.20 brings screencasting support, the ability to paste things in KDE apps using the middle mouse click, support for the Klipper clipboard app, adjustable scroll speeds for mouse and touchpad, as well as much-improved stability. The System Settings have also been improved in the upcoming release, now featuring notifications for S.M.A.R.T monitoring and disk failures, redesigned Autostart, Bluetooth, and User Manager pages, a new Shortcuts page that unifies the Standard Shortcuts and Global Shortcuts pages, support for configuring the touchpad cursor speed, and a new audio balance option in Sound settings to adjust the volume of each audio channel. The full changelog lists more than 500 changes in KDE Plasma 5.20, if you have the time to go through all of them. But all in all, it’s indeed a massive release, and you can try the LTS version on 13 Oct, 2020.  So if you are a fan of the KDE plasma then I will suggest that you update to the latest KDE Plasma 5.20 official release. 

KDE 5.20 UI image:-

  Image Source: KDE official Website
Download from KDE official website: https://kde.org/plasma-desktop

Final Thought

So, If you are KDE fan then I will recommend you update your linux operating system or download you KDE plasma desktop on 13 Oct of if you want to use earlier the you can also update beta version for testing purpose.  

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