Best Python Web Framework To Learn Web Development In 2021

Best Python Web Framework To Learn Web Development In 2021

Python is the most popular programming language nowadays and if have some basic knowledge about python and you're interested to learn web development and want to become a full-stack or backend web developer with python, then this tutorial is for you. 

Because in this tutorial we will know the top 5 python web framework to learn in 2021. So if you are looking for the best python framework then this tutorial will help you.

Before learning any python framework you should know some basic knowledge of python programming language and if you want to guide you, how to learn python from scratch? then let us know we will discuss this in a separate tutorial.

What is the Framework?

We hope you all know all about what is the framework and how does it work? if you don't know then don't about it here we are going to discuss the framework. So let's start.

A framework is a software or library of programming language which make task and development t easier. So, using the framework we can develop robust, versatile, and high-level functionality applications.  The framework also helps the developer, we don't start from scratch development if have some basic knowledge of programming language.

Advantages of using a framework?

  • We can develop high-level functionality web/ desktop applications.
  • Code is more secure
  • It helps us to avoid bugs in our code.
  • The development cycle takes less time if we are using the framework
  • It helps us to develop readable and usable code.
  • Testing and debugging of the code is most easier 
  • Using the framework we can contribute to open-source organizations or develop open-source software.

What are MVT and MVC?

MVT is a Model View Template based software framework. It has only three main components Model View and Template.  So in MVT framework Model help us to handle and create the database. The model basically is a database layer that performs CRUD operation with the database. And if we talk about the template then it is the presentation layer that performs and handles the UI part with static files completely, and view performs the logic task so when we need to show or reveal UI then view fetch data from the model and renders a template.

MVC is Model View Controller based architectural pattern, It has three main logic components for developing web application. Model, the view and controller so, according to the IT trend MVC is the most usable, industry-standard based web framework to developing a scalable and robust web application.

Top 5 Python Framework To Learn Web Development

Here, we are going to discuss the top 5 IT industry-related web frameworks that are written in Python. 


Django is one of the most popular web development frameworks in python, It is used for rapid development. Django has big developer community support because it is an open-source web development framework. This framework makes it easier for developers to develop clean and standard web applications in a short time. 

Mostly big tech giants use Django in their technology stacks like Instagram, Mozilla, Pinterest Unacademy. And NASA also used Django for their security purpose because Django provides high-level security that's why it is used by every tech giant.

So, our recommendations are if you're new in web development and you are thinking that which will be the best framework to start your career as a full-stack developer or backend developer then we will suggest you use Django in your tech stack. Or if you are a client and want to create something new for your business then Django is a good choice for you. Because in 2020, It is the 4th most wanted web framework according to StackOverflow.

Benefits Of Using Django 

 It has several benefits to using Django over the other frameworks:

  • Fast: Django return result very quickly, It does not take more time in Django application setup.
  • Documentation: Django has great documentation for understanding the development process to developers and users, So no doubt it is one of the things for developers.
  • Fully Loaded: Django has a lot of libraries and packages that we can use to develop standard web applications. It provides us authentication or content administration and it is a pre-defined feature in Django.
  • Secure: Every user and developer want security so Django has built-in security protocols for cross-site-request forgeries, cross-site scripting, and SQL injection.
  • SEO Optimized:  Django provides us best SEO results and it makes it easier to optimize SEO in an easy way because It maintains a website through URLs rather than an IP address. 
  • Scalable: Django used in large projects so it maintains the development life cycles of a project so It is can be scalable.
  • Open-Source: Django is an open-source web framework, So if you are thinking to contribute to opensource projects after learning Django then it is a good choice for you.


Flask is a light-weight and micro framework and it has no dependencies on the external libraries. This framework developed by Armin Ronacher in 2004. If you are a beginner in web development then It will easier to learn flask because it is very easy to learn and its have simple syntax. Flask is also used by many big tech giants and you can also use flask with your machine learning model. You can implement it with ML/AI-based model.  Flask is lighter and much more precise than Django.

Benefits of Using Flask

  • Simple Development: Flask provides us simple development life cycle so if you have basic knowledge of Python programming language then it is not a big deal fr you to learn flask. 
  • Flexibility: Flask has very simple and understandable code syntax so It provides more flexibility than any other framework.
  • Scalable: We can easily handle thousands of servers and increase more traffics if we are using Flask because it's easier to deploy web application code within a limited time.
  • Jinja2 Template: Flask support jinja2 templates for developing web applications. Jinja2 basically is a template language that's used to create and render text-based view or used to create HTML XML markup formats.
  • Open-Source: Flask is also an open-source web framework, So if you are thinking to contribute to opensource projects after learning Flask then it is a good choice for you.


Pyramid is also an open-source web application framework. Some top companies use the Pyramid framework in their technology stack. So if you want to do something unique then you can learn Pyramid, It provides all the needed tools for developers: mapping URLs template rendering, etc.

Pyramid similar to Flask so if you have some basic knowledge about Flask then It is not hard to learn for you. And it also has an easy learning curve. Now we are coming on features and specifications of Pyramid-

Benefits of Using Pyramid

  • Simplicity: It is designed to easy to use. If you don't have basic knowledge then it not a big deal for you.
  • Minimalism:  It is also a minimalist web framework just like Flask, So it provides all needed tools for web applications like mapping URLs to code.
  • Speed: It is designed to respond in less time so It takes less time for hosting to deploy.
  • Reliability: Pyramid has simple lines of code so developers can easily understand the other's code.
  • Modern: Pyramid is also a modern web framework so, we can easily implement the modern requirements for our projects.

Final Verdict

I hope you have got all understanding s about Python web frameworks. On this page, we have listed other frameworks like Bottle, CherryPy, etc. So if you need on these topics then let me know in the comment and if you have any query.

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