How to use virtual background in Zoom for Linux Ubuntu 18.4?


Zoom is a cloud meeting application which allow us to join or create virtual meeting, classes or interviews. So if you are a zoom user and want to know that how can we use virtual background in Zoom. Then I tell you you came here a right place. 

First of all you are thinking about how to do these are stuff So, don't worry about it we both will do experiments with this stuff. So in beginning, you need to install the Zoom app, or If you don't have then Install Zoom in your Debian-based Linux operating system such as;- Ubuntu, Kali Linus elementary OS and etc. 

Step1: Install Snap Store in your System

In this step, you need to install the zoom application from the Snap store and if you don't have snap in your Linux OS then open your terminal or press ctrl+alt.

$ sudo rm /etc/apt/preferences.d/nosnap.pref

$ sudo apt update

these commands run on your terminal and then finally you need to install snap using this command-

$ sudo apt install snapd

Now, you have all set to installing the Zoom application in your Linux operating system. So open your terminal and type the given command in your terminal and firstly go on snap website and select your Ubuntu version and Zoom application version.

Just like this image- 

Step2: Install Zoom Application in your System

Now, run this command in your terminal and wait a minute for the installation of Zoom. 

$ sudo snap install zoom-client

If you have finished the installation process then open your Zoom application just like in this given image-

3. Create Zoom account using signup or register

Now, after opening the zoom application in your system you need to make your account using your mail or you can register as a new user. 

Step 4: Click on Setting in the Zoom Application

After all login or signup steps, you need to click on the settings icon, right side corner. Then go in the virtual background option.

Step 5: Click on virtual background 

Now you will get here virtual background images by default or also you can add your background image from your system by clicking the plus icon.

Congratulations!!! Now, You have installed the Zoom application and got the configuration of virtual background in your Ubuntu or Debian-based operating system.

Final Verdict

These stuffs are also applicable for all Ubuntu versions(16.04 and above). And I hope you have got all points in this article So, if you have any queries to related this article or any problem at the installation time then free feel to contact us in the comment box. Definitely, we will resolve this issue from our end.


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  1. As I do not have a stable background, it is not working, are there any codes or stuff I would do to make it work?

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