How To Uninstall Appium From Ubuntu

 How To Uninstall Appium On Ubuntu

Appium is an open-source cross-platform testing framework that allows us to automate and tests mobile applications quickly. It is the most popular tool for you if you want to test mobile applications. You can use the same test script to test both iOS and Android Applications with minimal changes.

If you have already installed Appium in your system and you want to remove or uninstall it now then here, we are going to uninstall it from scratch. Before uninstallation we need to open the terminal So, press ctrl+alt+t or open it manually.

Step1: Uninstall Appium from Ubuntu

In the first step we run this command in our terminal: 

$ npm uninstall -g appium

$ sudo apt-get update

Step2: Uninstall Appium from MacOS

If you are a macOS user then you need to run these commands

$ npm uninstall -g deviceconsole

$ npm uninstall -g ios-deploy

$ npm uninstall -g appium

$ uninstall Homebrew/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Hope, this article will help you to uninstall Appium from your system. If you want any other article on another topic then free feel to ask or comment below.

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